Friday, December 18, 2015

A Goa Monsoon Odyssey

Have you been hunting hard for a Goa tourist guide dedicated to Monsoon sightseeing at the destination? Most of the online information caters to winter sightseeing in Goa as this is Goa’s peak tourist season. However, with the onset of rains after the scorching summers, Goa assumes a fresh lease of life and one also gets fabulous off season discounts on hotel tariffs and airfares. You will have to skip the beach hopping part though, as the sea gets pretty rough. Still, there are many other facets of Goa that are best explored during monsoons. Some of these include DudhSagar Waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, Savoi Spice Plantation, and monsoon festivals. Now, without further ado, let’s check out this Goa trip planner for a monsoon visit.

DudhSagar Waterfalls

DudhSagar means ‘sea of milk’ and the waterfalls’ milky white appearance makes it an apt name. During monsoons, DudhSagar easily becomes one of the best of Goa tourist places as the torrential rain fed waterfalls cascade down at their mightiest best. Running down from a height of some 310 metres, these tiered waterfalls are the fifth tallest in India. Definitely, an inseparable part of your monsoon sightseeing in Goa.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Goa has fine woodland stretches, which play no mean feat in the robust growth of Goa tourism. These places become all the more delightful with the onset of rains. A couple of most popular spots are Mollem National Park and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. Both these places emerge as a treat to the eye and a nature lover’s paradise. There is an abundance of flora and fauna life. The chirping of scores of varieties of colourful birds make the experience all the more memorable while the dazzling greenery of the rainswept forests soothe the senses. In fact, any seasoned Goan will tell you that Goa sightseeing is really not complete without a couple of jungle trips.

Savoi Spice Plantation

What are some of the other Goa places to visit during monsoons? Well, the Savoi Spice plantation definitely emerges as another terrific place. A visit here makes for a refreshing break from the other typically touristy attractions. The plantation sprawls across an area of some 40 hectares and is run by ecologically concerned people. A pond here attracts flocks of colourful migratory winged guests. There are friendly local guides here who will happily take you on a tour of the plantation during monsoons. Savoi Spice plantation has also been featured in the Lonely Planet tour guide to Goa.

Goa Monsoon Festivals

There are some wonderful festivals that make for terrific monsoon tourist attractions in Goa. Of all these festivals, perhaps the most popular one is ‘the fertility feast of Saint John the Baptist’ known as Sao-Joao in the local language. Brace yourself for the sight of men jumping into village wells! No, they don’t commit suicide and re-emerge safely after retrieving bottles of the popular local liquor feni. Sao-Joao is celebrated towards the end of June. Similarly, no less interesting is the feast of Saints Peter and Paul celebrated during the same time. Hordes of merry Goans raft up the river and burst into songs and other performances. If you are visiting in late monsoon, i.e., August end check out the Bonderam flag festival celebrated at Divar Island. In fact, there is just no dearth of Goa places to visit during a monsoon trip.

Nearby Attractions

Quite a few other nearby places also make for a fine monsoon getaway from Goa. For instance, many tourists visiting the destination often grab a Goa to Mumbai train to check out Mumbai’s charms on their way out from Goa. If the idea of a train does not sound appealing, you can always hop on to a cheap Goa to Mumbai bus. Owing to the monsoon season, you can also bag some good deals on Goa to Mumbai flights. Similarly, besides Mumbai, visitors also have the choice of catching a Goa to Mangalore bus. However, if these destinations sound a little too far, then you can round off your monsoon trip by hiring a Goa to Belgaum taxi.

This is just scratching the surface when it comes to preparing a Goa tour planner for the monsoon season. And you thought beaches were the only tourist attractions in Goa? Another wonderful thing about a Goa monsoon tour is the fact that one gets a better chance of exploring some excellent inland restaurants as most of the beach restaurants shut shop. Just one example is Lloyd’s in Calangute. Hope, this article has helped you on your quest of discovering the places to see in Goa during monsoons.

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